Teign Valley Community Hall Art Competition Results

Christow & Teign Valley Trusham Doddiscombleigh Bridford Ashton

The results of the Teign Valley Community Hall public art competition are in!

Thank you to the two local artists who spent so much time and thought on their submissions and congratulations to winner Sandy Webb (Christow resident) whose five designs depicting landmarks and life in the five villages of Ashton, Bridford, Christow, Doddiscombsleigh and Trusham were the clear choice of the panel of judges.



Children from Christow School, who were asked for their input to the judging process, said, ‘We all liked that they offered a more personal link to our villages, Valley and enjoyed spotting the landmarks such as the bridge and churches ‘. The panel of judges, which included representatives from all five parishes served by the hall, agreed! Sandy will transfer her designs to the acoustic panels in the hall corridor in the next few weeks where you will be able to enjoy them as soon as the hall re-opens.

Runner-up Lucy Henderson’s designs will also be on display for a period. Lucy, who is from Bridford, explained that ‘These images celebrate the mix of nature and farming in the Teign valley and how they interact so wonderfully in this incredible landscape’.

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