April 2021: The Larder’s New Home

April 2021: The Larder’s New Home

By Nathan Bushell

The Teign Valley Larder in Christow has got a new home.

Well, almost: it is now located inside the church, rather than the porch.

The benefits are abundantly clear when you visit the larder for yourself: there is more room to move round; there is more room to put the items; the fresh fruit and veg are on display (rather than squashed in the corner); and access to the church is now clear, which is important as lockdown restrictions are starting to ease.

You can see a video of it here:

We are extremely grateful to the Parochial Church Council for allowing this to happen, and we must stress that it is only for a trial period; we will review the project later in the year.

You will notice that we have bought a superb new store cupboard, and we thank Adrian Canvin for all his hard work in making sure that everything fits where it should.

We must point out that the money used to buy the cupboard and work surface was raised specifically for that purpose, and you can be rest assured that any money you donate to the Teign Valley Larder will go into buying food and essentials for those who need it most; we don’t have any other overheads.

While the larder was developed primarily to help families who may be short of food during the extremely difficult year we’ve had, it was also designed to help reduce food waste. So, if you think the larder isn’t for you, think again! There is always fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs donated by some of the lovely farms in the valley: Windout Farm, Teign Greens, and Whippletree Farm. If you like our Facebook page, you will get notified when new stock arrives. (When I last looked, there were red cabbages and purple sprouting up for grabs.) The only rule is to please exchange where you can, but there is no obligation.

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  1. Helen Haywood

    I think the larder is a great idea. Well done

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