The purpose of this site is to act as a useful source of information and a gateway to other sites linked to the Teign Valley, Devon. Newcomers, visitors and established residents should all find it a quick and convenient starting point for finding out about activities, venues, services and more.  

This website has been developed by a handful of volunteers from the community. It isn’t owned by any one organisation but it wouldn’t have happened without support from Christow Community Land TrustChristow Parish Council and Teign Valley Community Hall and especially Emma Mann who contributed her expertise and hours of extra time to the design and build of the site.

​It replaces the original teignvalley.org site that was created by resident Ted Miller and launched to provide support information at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown in early 2020. It has evolved to encompass two ideas that emerged from the Christow Community Land Trust – to create a community website to serve as a more permanent home for local information than can be achieved through the very successful Teign Valley Facebook group and to offer a Welcome Resource, part print, part online, for newly arrived residents.

As time and resources permit we hope to add more information to the site. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us please email [email protected]


Can you help us keep this site up to date, maybe by writing or uploading news items or adding new information to pages? Please get in touch.