Three Tin Challenge by Teign Valley Larder

Three Tin Challenge by Teign Valley Larder

The Teign Valley Larder, a community food bank based in Christow with satellite locations throughout the Teign Valley, is running very low on food. To boost donations, they have started the Three Tin Challenge on Monday, July 5th.

To participate:

1. Take a photo of three tins you plan on donating to the Larder.  (Preferably not soup or tomatoes though. We have loads.)

2. Post it to your own Facebook/Instagram page and/or the Teign Valley Facebook Page.

3. Add the following text:
I’m supporting the Teign Valley Larder with the Three Tin Challenge. To join, post a photo of at least 3 tins and tag 3 friends in the Teign Valley. Then drop off the three tins in your local dropoff area here: Copy and paste this to join in. 

4. Tag three people by adding the @ sign before typing their name in the post.

BONUS: If you have a great recipe to use with the tins, or even a pic of the completed meal, add it on!

“We thought it’d be a nice way to get more local people involved in the Larder,” said volunteer Ted Miller. “The Larder has only been active for a few months and it’s really taken off. But unfortunately we’ve been a bit of a victim of our own success, and stores are running down. We’re hoping this will boost visibility and add much-needed donations.”

The Larder has added 120 members in its Facebook group since opening in early May. It recently published the following infographic to celebrate its one-month anniversary:

Teign Valley Larder Completes First Month

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