Photo Contest Winners

Our judging committee of Rev Ruth Frampton, Susie Ursell, Marie McGahey and Jan Traylen have finished judging the Teign Teens Photo Contest, and have sent the following:

You set us a really difficult task judging between these young photographers but Marie, Jan, Susie and I have finally come to a decision. Please let all the entrants know that we found their work inspiring; it was very difficult to judge between photos of such a high standard. The entries were no doubt taken on cameras or phones with different capabilities and qualities. We tried not to take these considerations into account as we were judging the photos, not the kit used. We all agreed that each competitor deserves a cream egg or small chocolate!

We were particularly struck by the range of subject matter, from Theo’s dramatic sunset sky to Sid’s characteristically sloping landscape. The variety in the different portfolios is impressive; deserving special mention as “highly commended” are Phoebe’s lovely composition of the boat at a thoughtful angle in front of the seaside houses (Teignmouth? Brixham?), Eleanor’s grassy path between springlike blossom on the left and autumnal leaves on the right, Polly’s technically difficult night shot of the flaming car and Archie’s red toadstools which lead the eye through to the trees.

You can understand our difficulty in arriving at a shortlist of just three! However, finally, we decided upon:

Overall winner: Milly LaTrobe

Milly’s delightful ladybird (the first of the series) with the red moss stamens appearing to grow from its back – an unusual subject approached creatively with lovely colour and sharply in focus. Milly’s macro photograph shows her skill with the camera. Focus, composition, timing – reds & greens are good together. At this very small distance from the subject camera shake can be a problem. A charming picture. Her entries were the best overall.

Second Place: Alex Forwood

Alex Forwood’s Photos

Alex’s view of the church through the fence and gate – Alex has made a very satisfying composition here: we are drawn through the gate out of the shadows to the light and the church beyond. The use of a wide angled lens has created a good effect with the bars of the fence leading into the picture combined with a low camera angle. Blue and green dominate and look great.

Third Place: Louis Miller

Louis’s profile of dog’s (George) profile with the yellow hose snaking away into the background – a fun composition and angle. A really whacky photo. Considerations were focus, getting down to the subject’s level, timing, and the idea for the profile photo in the first place!

Congratulations to everyone! And thank you to my fellow judges for their time, patience and expertise!

Best wishes
Rev Ruth Frampton


I’ll be dropping off winners prizes in the coming few days. Also, because we appreciated the artistry in all the entries, we’ll be dropping off a small chocolate to everyone who submitted.

Ted Miller

Teign Teens Photo Contest

First Place: £25.00

Second Place: One Cadbury Bar

Third Place: One Cadbury Bar

Deadline: April 10th, 2020

We’re all bored, so let’s do a one-off photo contest. You will be judged by quality of photos. Submit as many as you like, but please less than 15. I’ve enabled comments, so people can reply to your shots.

I’ll deliver the prizes to your homes personally (wearing surgical gloves and keeping social distance).

Rules: You must be in secondary school, years 7-10. You don’t have to have attended Teign Teens in the past. No photos of kids’ faces, as we don’t want to deal with child safeguarding stuff, but if you want to include a willing parent or other adult over 18, that’s fine.

Judges: Judges will be, uh, you guys tell me how we should judge this. If we can’t reach some kind of consensus, I’ll figure something out. It won’t just be me. I’ve added a Like button underneath, so maybe we can factor that in?

How to play: Click this link. Fill out the form. In the Upload an Image section, add your photos. Make sure in the Category section you choose Teign Teens Photo Contest. If the form doesn’t work for some reason, you can email them to me ( directly.

Legalese: By submitting photos, you are authorising and Teign Teens to use them on their website and promotional material and other media.

All photos (once approved) automatically go to the top of the home page of this site.

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