Three Tin Challenge by Teign Valley Larder

The Teign Valley Larder, a community food bank based in Christow with satellite locations throughout the Teign Valley, is running very low on food. To boost donations, they have started the Three Tin Challenge on Monday, July 5th.

To participate:

1. Take a photo of three tins you plan on donating to the Larder.  (Preferably not soup or tomatoes though. We have loads.)

2. Post it to your own Facebook/Instagram page and/or the Teign Valley Facebook Page.

3. Add the following text:
I’m supporting the Teign Valley Larder with the Three Tin Challenge. To join, post a photo of at least 3 tins and tag 3 friends in the Teign Valley. Then drop off the three tins in your local dropoff area here: Copy and paste this to join in. 

4. Tag three people by adding the @ sign before typing their name in the post.

BONUS: If you have a great recipe to use with the tins, or even a pic of the completed meal, add it on!

“We thought it’d be a nice way to get more local people involved in the Larder,” said volunteer Ted Miller. “The Larder has only been active for a few months and it’s really taken off. But unfortunately we’ve been a bit of a victim of our own success, and stores are running down. We’re hoping this will boost visibility and add much-needed donations.”

The Larder has added 120 members in its Facebook group since opening in early May. It recently published the following infographic to celebrate its one-month anniversary:

Teign Valley Larder Completes First Month

Teign Teens Art Contest Winners

Sponsored by


The Cridford Inn, who donated an £80 gift certificate to the grand prize winner. Thank you guys! – Ted

We have the results from the Teign teens art contest. The following is a message from one of our judges, Rev Ruth Frampton.

I met with Marie and Hilary this afternoon to judge the Art Competition. It was brilliant to be able to see most of them “in the flesh” so to speak and we were all very impressed by the high standard of the artworks. Some of them provoked much comment. If a similar competition is organised in the future perhaps the artists could be encouraged to write a short narrative about their work and what inspired them. It would be easy to award prizes to each entrant because each one displayed a special quality. 
Archie’s picture and fascinating video demonstrates a lovely confident drawing skill; Edward shows a strong sense of design with a dramatic use of colour and diagonals on the panel and bat. Isabella’s miniature of the white tower rising up over the trees is a skilful portrayal of a local view; Isabelle’s setting sun and night sky glow with their deep colours and contrast with her delicate drawing of roses around the globe.
We were very impressed by Hannah’s watercolours, particularly the hares silhouetted against the moon, and the compass against the backdrop of rainbow colours. Louis’ red frog is truly original and a bit spooky in the way its head twists round to follow you! Max’s picture shows maturity in the mix of genres, with a Gothic/futuristic fusion contrasting dark and bright colours – is this a depressing present lockdown with a brighter future somewhere ahead? Ruby’s fruit is nicely painted on shadow and we liked her cottage floating on a welcoming cup of tea. 
All these artists deserve prizes but with only three prizes to award we were limited! We so wished we had narratives to give more insight into the works, but we really enjoyed seeing them and were united in our verdict.

The NHS prize goes to Phoebe for her chameleon in rainbow colours; we also liked her pressed flowers and were sorry that wasn’t possible to view them!

The Year 6 prize goes to Emily for her variety and range: the cats on a bat totem is skilfully thought out and executed; the horses’s head is beautifully drawn and painted; the dark wood hints at menacing fairy tales.

The Grand prize goes to Eleanor who displays a real drawing talent: in the movement of the elephant’s trunk as it lifts its head we can almost hear the impending trumpet; and the beautiful swish of the girl’s skirt in the slightly skewed picture. The bleeding heart and the science fiction drawing are both slightly surreal – the uni-directional brush/pen strokes on the heart give it shape as seems to beat even as it drips; is the spaceman real, or is he dressing up? Is there a Ziggy Stardust influence here? 
Thank you for asking us to judge, Ted, and thank you to all the artists who entered.

Well done!

Best wishes


The Rev’d Ruth Frampton
Priest in Charge
Teign Valley & Haldon Hill Mission Community

I’ll be working out some time in the coming days to deliver prizes to participants. Everyone who entered will receive a chocolate bar as well.


Teign Valley Larder Completes First Month

The Teign Valley Larder web page can be found here.

In addition to issuing the infographic, they published the following message to their team of volunteers:

To All Our Larder Volunteers: Update

We have just reached our first month of the larder being up and running so it seems a good time to touch base with you all about how it’s going.

Project Structure

A small organising committee has been meeting (virtually) each week, to consider both operational matters and the wider issues of how we take the larder forward. We have just heard that our risk assessment that we submitted a couple of weeks ago has been accepted by CAG (Community Action Groups, Devon) which confirms our insurance cover. We are in the process of applying for our own bank account and in due course, will be making an application to the Charity Commission for charitable status. All this will help us ensure we have good governance of the project and it will be easier to apply for funding. We are actively exploring options for a more permanent home for the larder, including a mobile trailer.


The support we have received from our local communities has been fantastic. In addition to start-up grants from Dartmoor National Park and Christow Land Trust, we have received both cash and goods donations from local businesses and individuals alike. Donation boxes are now in situ in the various villages in the Teign valley and we are starting to benefit from donations to these in addition to the donation point in the larder itself. Since opening on 8th May, we have received in excess of 690 donated items, about one third being donated in the first week of operation. This includes a lot of unwanted items from the government food boxes received by local people (33 cans tuna, 24 cans meatballs, gallons of pasta sauce and a small mountain of rice and pasta). These items, we hope, will help tide us over the autumn and winter period when demand may be higher than currently. Any excess that we are just not using will be donated to Exeter food bank in due course. But in the meantime, we are happy to build up our stores to be ready for any possible leaner periods.

Larder Usage

It can be hard when doing your volunteer shift to ascertain if the larder is being used regularly, especially as we try hard to always maintain a good variety of foods to choose from. So we closely monitor what goes out of the barn stock and to date, nearly 500 items have been used to restock the larder, by all of you. This tells us that items are being taken and we are delighted that this is the case. Popular items seem to be:

  • Tinned meat products
  • Sponge puddings
  • Custard
  • Tinned potatoes and veg
  • Biscuits
  • Cereals
  • Pet food
  • Cleaning products especially laundry liquid
  • Toiletries
  • Eggs

In addition, fresh fruit and veg are popular but due to being perishable, we need to see faster throughput of these items. Once all our garden produce starts to arrive, we hope the larder will benefit from those excess tomatoes and courgettes!

So please be our ambassadors and ‘eyes and ears’ out in our communities and put the message out to your friends and neighbours who wish to support us, letting them know which items are in demand. We will keep you all up to speed on this as we anticipate this could change over time. Once we have our bank account up and running, we will also be able to receive cash donations.


We regularly review the feedback slips left in the larder but recently we have also sought feedback from Acorn Community Service as they have been actively involved with helping some housebound and/or shielding clients access the larder. Here are a few of the comments received:

“Wonderful to see fresh eggs, I wasn’t expecting that”

“I managed to swap my excess for something else different and new to me”

“I’m so grateful, I don’t know how I’d manage without it”

“I’m visiting the larder for someone I support in the village, it has been really useful, thank you to everyone involved”

“It’s brilliant and is going from strength to strength, well done to everyone involved. It’s wonderful to see communities coming together”

Food Hygiene Training Opportunity

Is anyone interested in completing a food hygiene course as part of their volunteering role? This is an online course, takes 3 hours or so and would need to be completed between 9th-24th June. The course fee would be met out of our funds. If interested, please email Corony Edwards at by Mon 8th June. 

Finally, without all of you doing what you do each week, the larder would just not function properly, so a very big ‘thank you’ to you all from the organising committee. Your practical help, your support and enthusiasm is very much appreciated. If you have ideas for improvements, suggestions or issues we need to address, please contact anyone of us. We’d love to hear from you:

Corony Edwards, Louise Webb, Ted Miller, Chris Keppie, Vinny Logan, Rev Ruth Frampton

New editor for Unity Magazine

Congratulations and thank you to Michelle Frost who has stepped forward to take over editing Unity magazine from Rose Campbell-Crocker. You can contact Michelle on the new email address for Unity:

Teign Valley Larder Now Has 6 Dropoff Locations

The Teign Valley Larder has expanded it’s dropoff locations to six locations throughout the valley to simplify convenience. They are:

  • Bridford church porch
  • Dunsford church porch
  • The Nobody Inn, Doddi
  • The Cridford Inn, Trusham
  • Christow Stores
  • Christow church porch

In addition, it has begun exploring the purchase and customisation of a catering trailer to provide a more permanent location. This trailer would likely travel around the valley on a fortnightly rota. Below is a photoshopped demo of how it might look.

Government Food Parcels: How to receive, cancel and donate

A number of houses in the Teign Valley are receiving food parcels. Here are a few guidelines:

I need to receive a food parcel

You need to register with the UK government. Follow the instructions here.

I’d like to cancel my food parcel as I don’t need it.

  • Go to and register (or re-register even if you did this previously). You will need your NHS number.
  • When you get to the question ‘Do you have a way of getting essential supplies delivered at the moment?’ select ‘Yes’.
  • This will (eventually) stop the parcels but don’t worry – you won’t be removed from the supermarket delivery priority lists if you are on these.
  • As an extra step, leave a large, prominently displayed note out on Sunday night telling the driver not to leave any more boxes.

I’d like to donate my food parcel.

Visit the Teign Valley Larder page on this site by clicking here.

Teign Teens Announce New Art Contest

Teign Teens has announced a new art contest, per the photo. Any media allowed. Year 6 kids can enter and be eligible for the Year 6 prize. Up to 4 submissions allowed. Submit artwork by photograph to

New Christow Path Archers’ Way

Archer’s Way path roughly highlighted in yellow

Through the Christow Comunity Land Trust, Tom Archer has worked with the Dartmoor National Park Authority land to create a new permissive footpath through his land. DNPA have funded some of the work while a team of volunteers have done much of the manual clearing of fallen branches and brushwood.

It’s now a beautiful path that’s open to the public, although work to survey the wildlife and put up signs is yet to be completed.

Philip Arthur, who walked the path early one morning recently, shared with us some of his photos.

Need a little help? Contact Young Farmers Club

If you, a friend or family member lives in any of the following places and needs a helping hand please remember that Haldon YFC (and friends) have a member near by that’s willing and able to lend a hand.

Whether you need food delivering, prescriptions collecting or letters posting we’re here to help you.

Statistically you’re never far from a YFC member but you might never have thought to call on us for help – please don’t hesitate.

Drop a message to this page with the contact details of who needs a hand and we’ll pass it on to your nearest member who’ll be in touch to help you out.

And don’t worry if your or your loved one’s village isn’t listed, YFC is Devon Wide but also a National Federation so if we’re too far we’ll find out who is closest and get you in touch with the right people.

The villages we cover are:
Bovey Tracey
Cheriton Bishop
Cheriton Fitzpaine
Newton St Cyres
North Tawton
Shillingford St George
South Zeal
Tedburn St Mary
Teign Village
Venny Tedburn
Widdon Down
Zeal Monachorum

This list will keep growing as other groups and clubs get involved but please never hesitate to ask for help – we help others in the hope that should they need it, someone will help the people we love.

Parish Magazines Now Available Online for Dunsford, Doddi, Dunchideock

We’ve added the Dunsford/Doddi/Dunchideock Parish Magazine and also the Shillingford St George/Dunchideock Parish Magazine online. You’ll also find them at the top of our site in the menu under Magazines.

Shillingford/St George/Dunchideock

This is in addition to the Christow/Bridford/Ashton Unity Magazine we already host here.

Unity Magazine May 2020

Not sure if this will be an ongoing feature, but at least during the Covid virus we’re hosting the Unity Magazine.

Click here to view. We’re also putting a direct link in the menu at the top of the page.

Photo Contest Winners

Our judging committee of Rev Ruth Frampton, Susie Ursell, Marie McGahey and Jan Traylen have finished judging the Teign Teens Photo Contest, and have sent the following:

You set us a really difficult task judging between these young photographers but Marie, Jan, Susie and I have finally come to a decision. Please let all the entrants know that we found their work inspiring; it was very difficult to judge between photos of such a high standard. The entries were no doubt taken on cameras or phones with different capabilities and qualities. We tried not to take these considerations into account as we were judging the photos, not the kit used. We all agreed that each competitor deserves a cream egg or small chocolate!

We were particularly struck by the range of subject matter, from Theo’s dramatic sunset sky to Sid’s characteristically sloping landscape. The variety in the different portfolios is impressive; deserving special mention as “highly commended” are Phoebe’s lovely composition of the boat at a thoughtful angle in front of the seaside houses (Teignmouth? Brixham?), Eleanor’s grassy path between springlike blossom on the left and autumnal leaves on the right, Polly’s technically difficult night shot of the flaming car and Archie’s red toadstools which lead the eye through to the trees.

You can understand our difficulty in arriving at a shortlist of just three! However, finally, we decided upon:

Overall winner: Milly LaTrobe

Milly’s delightful ladybird (the first of the series) with the red moss stamens appearing to grow from its back – an unusual subject approached creatively with lovely colour and sharply in focus. Milly’s macro photograph shows her skill with the camera. Focus, composition, timing – reds & greens are good together. At this very small distance from the subject camera shake can be a problem. A charming picture. Her entries were the best overall.

Second Place: Alex Forwood

Alex Forwood’s Photos

Alex’s view of the church through the fence and gate – Alex has made a very satisfying composition here: we are drawn through the gate out of the shadows to the light and the church beyond. The use of a wide angled lens has created a good effect with the bars of the fence leading into the picture combined with a low camera angle. Blue and green dominate and look great.

Third Place: Louis Miller

Louis’s profile of dog’s (George) profile with the yellow hose snaking away into the background – a fun composition and angle. A really whacky photo. Considerations were focus, getting down to the subject’s level, timing, and the idea for the profile photo in the first place!

Congratulations to everyone! And thank you to my fellow judges for their time, patience and expertise!

Best wishes
Rev Ruth Frampton


I’ll be dropping off winners prizes in the coming few days. Also, because we appreciated the artistry in all the entries, we’ll be dropping off a small chocolate to everyone who submitted.

Ted Miller

Volunteers needed for Christow Stores

Christow Stores is doing what it can to supply the valley with food. We need volunteers to man the phones, stock/pick shelves, and deliver. The schedule is visible by clicking here.

If you can help, please email Erin at or message her via Facebook.

Please message with specific time slots you can commit to this week.

We are only asking for 2 hour shifts, but if you can offer more that’s of course welcome.

We have a Facebook messaging group for alerts, but it’s not necessary to have Facebook to volunteer.

Please do NOT message Christow Stores or Kay directly, as she’ll just forward you to Erin.

Please be prepared to follow the following guidelines:

Shop Volunteers Virus Safety Guidelines

  1. Be healthy and able. To volunteer in store you should be fit and well and neither yourself or anyone in your household should have any of the symptoms of Covid19, namely a fever or new persistent cough. It is unwise to volunteer in store if you are in contact with elderly or vulnerable people. If you are looking after a toddler you won’t be able to pick or drive.
  2. Wash hands immediately. When you enter the shop, leave your coat and bags in the back room and wash you hands immediately.
  3. Wear gloves at all times. We will provide you with multiple pairs of disposable gloves and will require you to apply a fresh pair before or after certain tasks.
  4. Covering your face. We don’t provide face masks as I have been told by a GP that they are ineffective, however you may wish to wear a scarf or buff to discourage you from touching your face.
  5. Social distance: 2 squares. On the shop floor you will see taped out metre squares we as you to remain two squares away from anyone else.
  6. Don’t handle money. You will not be asked to handle money during your time in the shop.
  7. Clean often. We have disinfectant spray and disposal cloths and kitchen roll to keep surfaces clean.

Donate a Frozen Dinner at Christow & Dunsford Village Shops

Calling all cooks, Could you prepare an extra portion of lasagne, shepherd’s pie, casserole etc that we could store in our shop freezer & distribute to someone isolated in our community?
Stay safe stay local.

Following the successful Revive model in Dunsford here are some guidelines
1. Please prepare food in safe hygienic conditions.
2. Please label all containers with what meal it is, all ingredients especially allergens, the date it was made/ frozen and reheating recommendations eg. serve piping hot.
3. Please deliver to the shop already frozen.

Acorn Community Support update


Copied from the Acorn web page at

Acorn Community Support
on Sunday
It is with a very heavy heart that the Trustees of Acorn have decided to suspend all clubs and minibus trips with immediate effect.

The physical well-being of our clients is our priority, however we equally value psychological well-being.

We are therefore setting up a telephone befriending service with immediate effect.

Our office remains open so if you need support please do ring our usual number – 01647 252701. All messages on the answer phone will be picked up regularly.

Best wishes

Jo Clunie
Chair of Trustees

Bye George postponed

Teign Valley Players
13 March at 10:11
Dear all,

The Teign Valley Players last night decided to postpone next week’s production of ‘Bye George’ as a precautionary public health measure owing to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. Any tickets already purchased will be fully refunded or (if you prefer) rolled over to the new dates, which we hope to confirm in the next month or two. We apologise for the inconvenience, but in the circumstances we felt that this was the most sensible decision. Our insurance does not cover us for non-mandatory postponement so we will lose money for this. As such, your support and attendance when we finally do perform ‘Bye George’ will be more appreciated than ever before.

Kind Regards,

Teign Valley Players

Corona Home Support Guidance for Teign Valley

In these days of uncertainty Teign Valley & Haldon Hill Mission Community are consulting with local groups and are offering this initial plan:


This guidance contains important advice for those offering and those receiving help with the delivery of shopping and medication in the six parishes of the Teign Valley and Haldon Hill Mission Community (Ashton, Bridford, Christow, Doddiscombsleigh, Dunchideock and Dunsford) during the present Coronavirus crisis.

Contact details and information:
The situation with Coronavirus is changing rapidly, so those involved are advised to check NHS and Public Health England for general information about Coronavirus, and the following local sources for up-to-date information about the home support scheme:

A Church Near You websites:
Ashton –
Bridford –
Christow –
Doddiscombsleigh –
Dunchideock –
Dunsford –

Christow website –
Doddiscombsleigh website –
Dunchideock website –

Mission Community Facebook page – Teign Valley & Haldon Hill Mission Community

The plan is to identify a local co-ordinator in each village to link up those offering help with those who need assistance. Currently, local co-ordinators are as follows:
Dunchideock: Steve Cook – T: 01392 832332 or
Dunsford: Karen Morris at The Shop – T: 01647 252330 E:
Christow: Phil Trotter – T: 01647 254874 E:

Until further details are available, please contact the Churches’ Administrator (Steve Cook) on 01392 832332 or if you live in one of the other parishes and either need assistance, or are willing to help with shopping and collecting medication.

• Both those offering support and those receiving it should maintain the highest level of hygiene by washing hands or using hand sanitiser both before and after contact
• If possible, items should be left at the front door or another pre-arranged place, after confirming that the recipient is able to pick up the items
• Do not shake hands or make other personal contact
• Maintain a safe distance of at least 2 metres

• If possible send a list of shopping required, and/or details of medication (e.g. number of items, address of pharmacy) by email or over the telephone
• State clearly if alternatives are acceptable if the requested shop items are not available

• Shopping should be collected in shop-supplied bags or the shopper’s own bags – do not use bags from the person needing support

• No charge should be accepted for the collection and delivery of items – it is a free and voluntary service
• Payment for shopping or prescription charges can be made by
– BACS transfer (where this is possible/available)
– cheque or cash (both parties should wash/sanitise hands before handling cash or a cheque)
– other personal arrangements

Please contact the coordinators or me 01647 253164 with any requests for assistance or offers of help.

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